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We are delighted and honored to assume responsibility for the day-to-day work of the BPJ, performed so well since 1991 by John Rosenwald and Lee Sharkey. We look forward enthusiastically to new ventures and adventures for the magazine, all the while staying true to its mission of publishing important and inventive poems.

As we take the helm, we'll certainly innovate, but traditions will remain; we'll personally respond to as many submissions as possible and select work in quarterly weekend sessions with the editorial board, "fortified," as long-time BPJ editor Marion Stocking was fond of saying, "by bread and soup and the love of the craft." It's a recipe that has found our readers, contributors, and staff well-fed for sixty-five years. Thank you for savoring this work with us.

Onward, and cheers!
Melissa Crowe and Rachel Contreni Flynn

P.S. Please note our new postal address:
P.O. Box 1450
Windham, ME 04062


Beloit Poetry Journal, the Portland Museum of Art, and the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance are thrilled to invite the public to ArtWord, a celebration of the intersections between poetry and visual art.

On Friday April 14, from 5-8 p.m., 36 Maine poets, each of whom has written in response to work in the PMA’s collection, will participate in a reception, reading, and gallery tour. In addition to these main events, former Portland Poet Laureate Gibson Fay-LeBlanc will curate on-the-spot poetry writing, inviting participants to create their own erasure poems using PMA gallery labels.

Don't miss this high-energy, interactive celebration of the image in all its forms!


Marjorie Stelmach Marjorie Stelmach of Manchester, Missouri is the winner of the Beloit Poetry Journal’s 24th annual Chad Walsh Poetry Prize. The editors award the prize, on the basis of excellence, to a poem or group of poems they have published in the previous year. This year, they have selected Stelmach’s "The Divestments of Autumn" which appeared in the Fall 2016 issue. The prize carries a cash award of $3000.


to T J Jarrett, Jenny Johnson, Douglas Kearney, and Ocean Vuong for their riveting reading at AWP 2015, which people continue to tell us was the highpoint of the conference for them.

Chad Walsh Prize recipient Jenny Johnson is the winner of a 2015 Whiting Award, one of ten given annually to emerging writers based on "early accomplishment and the promise of great work to come."

Recent BPJ contributors Danez Smith and Ocean Vuong have garnered two of this year's five Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowships, intended to encourage the further study and writing of poetry of U.S. poets between 21 and 31 years of age.

Danielle Jones-Pruett, whose poem sequence on Descartes' daughter appeared in the BPJ's Fall 2013 issue, is one of six recipients of the  2014 Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer’s Award, given to U.S. women writers who demonstrate excellence and promise early in their careers.


The 260 issues of the Beloit Poetry Journal that have been published since the fall of 1950 constitute a history of English-language poetry in the last six decades. We are happy to make that history available to readers, poets, and scholars in our on-line archive.

The archive contains rare texts such as Anne Sexton's first published poem, Langston Hughes' translations of Federico Garcia Lorca's Gypsy Ballads, and a memorial chapbook for William Carlos Williams edited by David Ignatow in 1963 whose list of contributors reads like a Who's Who of mid-twentieth century American poetry.

To find a particular poet or poem, look the poet’s name up in the Index, click on the name to see a list of what we’ve published by that poet, then click on the poem you want to see.


Alex Cigale reads Gennady Aygi's "Calmly: precious little . . . " Alex Cigale reads Gennady Aygi's "Calmly: precious little . . ."
in the original Russian
Alex Cigale reads Gennady Aygi's "To Pierre Emmanuel . . ." Alex Cigale reads Gennady Aygi's "To Pierre Emmanuel . . ."
Michael Bazzett, "The Field Beyond the Wall" Michael Bazzett reads "The Field Beyond the Wall" and "The Differences" Michael Bazzett reads "The Differences"
Michael Broek, from "The Logic of You" Tracy Zeman reads from "Grass for Bone"
Brittany Cavallaro,"The Girl in Question" Brittany Cavallaro reads "The Girl in Question"
Carol Ann Davis, "Eva Hesse" 1, 6, and 7 Carol Ann Davis reads "Eva Hesse #1"
Nicelle Davis, ""Hairstylist Sam Villa--Premiere Orlando Main Stage" Nicelle Davis reads "Hairstylist Sam Villa . . . ".
Heather Dobbins, "In the Low Houses" Heather Dobbins reads "In the Low Houses"
Karl Elder, "Ode in the Key of O" Karl Elder reads "Ode in the Key of O'
Benjamin S. Grossberg, "A Thought" Benjamin S. Grossberg reads "A Thought"
Kevin Heaton's
"Mississippi Crossing"
Sean Heaton reads "Mississippi Crossing"
Sean Heaton reads Kevin Heaton's "Mississippi Crossing"
Jenny Johnson, "Aria" Jenny Johnson reads "Aria" .
Kirun Kapur, "Melon Cleaver" and "Light" Kirun Kapur reads "Melon Cleaver" and "Light"
Elizabeth Langemak, "Expectation" Elizabeth Langemak reads "Expectation" and "Illinois Cornfield as Nude Descending Staircase." Elizabeth Langemak reads "Illinois Cornfield . . ."
Karen Lepri, "Root" and "Wave" Karen Lepri reads "Root" and "Wave"
Fred Marchant, "Quang Tri Elegies" Tanya Olson reads "flower of the mountain"
Leeya Mehta, "The Abduction" Leeya Mehta reads "The Abduction"
Anna George Meek,
"Self-Posssession" Anna George Meek reads "Self-Possession"
Philip Metres, "An Index" Benjamin S. Grossberg reads "A Thought"
John A. Nieves, "Spin-the-Globe Charades
Christopher Munde, " Entomology of Exhaustion" Christopher Munde reads Entomology of Exhaustion
Christopher Munde, "What Was Gentle Has Turned Careful" Christopher Munde reads What Was Gentle Has Turned Careful
Tanya Olson, "Flower of the Mountain" Tanya Olson reads "flower of the mountain"
Hayden Saunier's "Wooden Bowl of Spangled Fruit" Benjamin S. Grossberg reads "A Thought"
Pattabi Seshadri, "Desert Grass" Pattabi Seshadri reads "Desert Grass"
Alpay Ulku's "The Orange Sonata" Alpay Ulku reads "Orange Sonata"
Daneen Wardrop, "Mozart's Starling" Daneen Wardrop reads "Mozart's Starling" and "Counterpoint" Daneen Wardrop reads "Counterpoint"
Charles Wyatt, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Wallace Stevens," sections 11-13 Charles Wyatt reads  "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Wallace Stevens," sections 11-13
Tracy Zeman, "Grass for Bone" Tracy Zeman reads from "Grass for Bone"


Karl Elder, "The Chills," "Conversion,""Ode in the Key of O"
Janet Holmes, from "Partch Stations"
Susan Tichy, "Stork," and "Come Back Each Summer To See How Far Your Favorite Rock Has Moved"


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BPJ Poet Kerrin McCadden has won the Vermont Book Award for her Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes. Two of her poems appear in our soon-to-be released Fall 2015 issue, and co-editor Rachel Contreni Flynn interviews McCadden about her aims, her process, and her inspirations. 


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