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Spring 1951 Vol. 1 No. 3
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Bertha Emond
To My Father    1
Jeremy Ingalls
The Alchemy of Thrift    2-3
Emigration    3-4
Rolf Fjelde
Seasonal Song    4
Cid Corman
The Adventure    5
John Fandel
This Guy's God's Gift    6
Here's to the Hero    7
Vincent Ferrini
Love Poem    8
Ingeborg Kayko
Rider    8
William Carlos Williams
The Drunkard    9
Judson Crews
A Chromatic Simplification    10
Eve Triem
The Consecration    11
Ballad of Sunday Dinner    12
Green Booth or Golden ...    13
Dubuque, Iowa--II    14
William W. Chance
Like the Hastening Waters    15-16
Portia Martin
A Prayer to the Holy Spirit    16
Russell Atkins
Nocturne and Prelude    17-20
Charles Edward Eaton
Wine of Lilac    21
Jean Burden
Solace for the Living (Eternity for Claire)    22-23
Neil Weiss
Euterpe's Visit    23
Hyam Plutzik
To My Daughter    24
Wallace A. Bacon
Elegy for Friday    25

David M. Stocking, reviewer
Stanley T. Coffman, Jr., Imagism, A Chapter for the History of Modern Poetry    26-27
Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
E. E. Cummings, Xaipe    27
David Ignatow, reviewer
Theodore Morrison, The Dream of Alcestis    27-28
Byron Herbert Reece, Bow Down in Jericho    28
Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Isaac Rosenberg, The Collected Poems of Isaac Rosenberg, Gordon Bottomley and Denys Harding, ed.    28-29
James R. Thompson, reviewer
Harry Roskolenko, Paris Poems    29
Chad Walsh, reviewer
Carl Sandburg, Complete Poems    30
James R. Thompson, reviewer
Wallace Stevens, Auroras of Autumn    31
David Ignatow, reviewer
William Jay Smith, Celebration at Dark    31
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