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Summer 1951 Vol. 1 No. 4
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Sol Stein
On Coming out of Ether    1
Stanley Rosen
Faust as Hemlock    2
Peter Viereck
Thomas Hardy's Prayer in 1951    3
James Laughlin
Fragment, from America I Love You    4
Well All Right    4
May Sarton
To the Angel    5-6
Thomas Cole
The Bat    7
Alida Carey Gulick
Coral City    8-9
Jubilate    9
Eugene Haun
And after Eight Days Again, Thomas Called Didymus Returns from an Unaccompanied Journey to Emmaus: St. John XX: 24-29    10-11
Maude G. Totten
Half-Child    12
Padraig O'Horan
Going Down to Enniskerry    13
Ballerina    13
Daniel G. Hoffman
In the Days of Rin-Tin-Tin    14
Louis Kent
Actual Grape    14
Wreaths for the Phoenix    15
Richard Eberhart
The Mischief    16
John Ciardi
Monday Morning Montage--London    17-21
Allen Kanfer
Sad Songs, Some Happy, All Hungry    22
Carroll Arnett
Celebration for My Age    23
Charles E. Ross
Crime and Punishment    24
Harvey Shapiro
Child Dancing    25
Charles Holt
Opinion: The Poetry of Drama    26-30

Hyatt Howe Waggoner, reviewer
Eliseo Vivas, The Moral Life and the Ethical Life    30-31
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