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Winter 1951-1952 Vol. 2 No. 2
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Hunter Normand, Jr.
Where Are They Now    1
Sol Stein
Small Speech to a Loris    2
Dennis J. Lynds
Duce    3-4
Elise Asher
Parting and Love    5
Poem for a Wintry Night    6
Harold V. Witt
Ballet    7
Philip Murray
The Ramp    7
Stanley Gottheimer
Other Times, Other Countries    8
Albert Paris Leary
We Have All Read Proust    9-10
William Hull
Coolly I Felt a Curve    11
Josephine Roberts
Costume Play    12
Joseph Payne Brennan
The Old Man with Tarnished Eyes    13
Vincent Ferrini
What Flesh Is the Word    14
Doom in that Room that Is Not    15
James Blish
Red April    15
Don Geiger
On Watching High Flight    16
Charles Edward Eaton
Willow Rose    17
Elizabeth Chesley
February--Music on Wind    18
Carol Vonckx
Agony    19-20
Richard Lyons
Night Piece    21
Eugene Haun
Sonnet for a Southerner    22
Eric Wilson Barker
Poet in a Garage    23
Ray Ballard
Stevedore in Hospital    24
Everett Bovard, Jr.
Color is the Breath of Spring    24
Herbert Morris
Place    25

David Ignatow, reviewer
William Carlos Williams, Autobiography of William Carlos Williams    26-29
William Carlos Williams, Collected Earlier Poems    26-29
William Carlos Williams, Collected Later Poems    26-29
William Carlos Williams, Paterson: Book Four    26-29
William Carlos Williams, Make Light of It, Collected Stories    26-29
Chad Walsh, reviewer
Richard Eberhart, Selected Poems    29-30
Charles Edward Eaton, The Shadow of the Swimmer    31
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