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Summer 1952 Vol. 2 No. 4
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Galway Kinnell
The Jewess    1
Felix N. Stefanile
Fall of Adam    2
Mortimer Slaiman
There Are No Toads in My Garden    3
Margaret Toarello
Unanimously from This Cowle of Flesh As Countries Riven    4
William W. Chance
Passage and Restraint    5-6
Maude G. Totten
Old Orlie    6
Terence Heywood
Native Reserve    7-8
Henry E. Sostman
Winter Arrangement    9
The Everlasting Exiles    9-10
Speech of the Man with Three Eyes    11
Third in a Crowd    12-13
Die Sterne Funkeln    13-14
G. Antonio Borgese
Dream of a Decent Death    14-15
James Blish
The Poet Waiting for Charon    16
Alida Carey Gulick
Journey    17
Charles G. Bell
Gaius of Britain to Cinna of Gaul: Brother: --    18
M. B. Tolson
A Long Head to a Round Head    19-21
John Dillon Husband
Army of Occupation    21
Carroll Arnett
Anthem of the Poor Lovers    22-24
James Boyer May
5th Demos Sanction & Reward    25-26
Russell Atkins
It's Here in the    26
Baxter Hathaway
Song    27

Morris Greenhut, reviewer
Dylan Thomas, In Country Sleep    28-29
Chad Walsh, reviewer
Amos N. Wilder, Modern Poetry and the Christian Tradition    29-30
Carroll Arnett, reviewer
Harold H. Watts, Ezra Pound and the Cantos    30-31
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