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Fall 1952 Vol. 3 No. 1
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Kay DeBard Hall
The Lion and the Unicorn    1
Norman Macleod
Poet Up against Parenthesis    2
Vida Martinet
Poem    3
Nelson Bryant
Natural Amphitheatre    4
Howard O. Sackler
Strophe    5-6
Bernard Raymund
First Person Plural    7
Charles Boewe
Lock    8
Leslie Mellichamp
The Sign    8
John Forbis
Corollary to Babel    9-11
David Palmer
When Spring Comes It's Always    11
R. Jean Taylor
Offering    12
Jean Burden
In a Time of Truce    13
K. P. A. Taylor
Reunion: One Foundation    14
Warren Hennrich
On Seeing Gladiatorial Sophisticates    15
Albert Paris Leary
Not the Moment But the Fixed Bright Tree    16-17
Charles Fox
The Bloodless Raven    18-19
Herbert Morris
See, But Not We    19
William Pillin
Einstein    20-21
Dennis J. Lynds
Child with Handkerchief Bound Head    21
James Albert Sullivan
To Everything in the World But People    22-23
Gene Magner
Return    23
Walter G. H. Goodwin
Introduction: Nine Scottish Poets    24
Tom Wright
I Sicken in the Sun    25
Anne Turner
On a Painting by William Rennie    25-26
Peter Paul Flannigan
Childhood Spring    26
Sydney Tremayne
The Old Man Retires    27
R. L. Cook
Modern Pioneers    28
W. D. L. Scobie
Plaint Falsetto    28-29
W. Price Turner
Awakening    29
Charles Senior
The Ice Has Spoken    30
James Russell
The Old Monster    31

Publication Noted:
Joseph Joel Keith, The Stubborn Root    99
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