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Winter 1952-1953 Vol. 3 No. 2
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Alan Brownjohn
Some Typewritten Verses    1
Jane Mayhall
Pastorale    2
Song at Delphi    3
Paul Carroll
Tertullian Addresses the Men of Carthage (Late August, 208 A.D.)    4
Alida Carey Gulick
The Plunderers    5
Bernice Slote
Color of Jade    6
Counterpoint-Three    6
Tipton Barnard
Three Gardens    7-8
Norman Nathan
Amoeba to Amoeba    8
Louis Hoffman
The Bubble    9
W. S. Allen
The Infant    10
Approved    10
Maude G. Totten
Good Boy    11
Paul Bennett
A Ballad for Jeanne    12
James L. Rosenberg
'Over Again I Feel Thy Finger and Find Thee'    13
Varley McBeth
Again    14
Intersection and Crossing (for Joyce)    15
Galway Kinnell
Primer for the Last Judgement    16
Terence Heywood
Kep Cove, Cape    17-18
Dorothy Dalton
Time Translates Me    18
Kaye Starbird
Woman Waiting Alone    19
The Moon's No Basket    19
Sanford Edelstein
A Useless Allegory    20
Robert T. Taylor
A Poem for the New Young Dead: 1952    21-22
Walt Klein
Any Night Is Memory    22
Joseph Upper
Modern Portia    23
Leon Wittack
The Awakened    23
When Stanley Died    24

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Louise Bogan, Achievement in American Poetry    25-31
Lawrence Durrell, A Key to Modern British Poetry    25-31
Babette Deutsch, Poetry in Our Time    25-31
George F. Thomas, Poetry, Religion and the Spiritual Life    25-31
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