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Spring 1953 Vol. 3 No. 3
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Norman Friedman
Wolf's Den, Connecticut    1
William W. Chance
The Returning    2
Kay Johnson
The Trees Advancing...    3
Now It Seems As If Some Giant Plan    3-4
The Horses    4
Warren Hennrich
Metamorphosis in the Metropole    5
Glenn Bacon
Four Sonnets    6-7
Earl Hendler
Oncoming Sea    8-9
Bernard Raymund
Prophecy by Water    9
Neil Weiss
One Fine Night    10
Margaret Toarello
For Men Who Govern Nations    11-12
Robert Sund
Poem for Betty    12
Charles Edward Eaton
Ceremony for Bells    13-14
Carroll Coates
The Children    14
Carroll Arnett
The Mexican Fishermen    15
Nelson Bryant
Wander, Dear, Far and Wonder the Hour    16
Anthony Ostroff
On the Coast, Where Falls Are Dangerous    17
Soren Regina    18
Amador Daguio
Off the Aleutian Islands    19
Herbert Morris
Dusks    20-22
Baxter Hathaway
Song    22
Chris Bjerknes
Snow Heron    23
Herman Salinger
Recollections of...    24-25
Charles G. Bell
The Rider    26
Negative Resurrection    27
Frederick Eckman
Mountaintop, Solus    27-28
Mortimer Slaiman
It Was Crowded in the Park    28
Elizabeth Anderson
Seven Grains of Corn    29

David Ignatow, reviewer
Morris Weisenthal, Walls of the Labyrinth    30-31
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