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Fall 1954 Vol. 5 No. 1
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Chapbook 3: Walt Whitman: Centennial Celebration

David Ignatow, Editor
David Ignatow
Foreword    1
Louis Zukofsky
from 'A' - 12    1-3
Rosalie Moore
Reunion for Walt Whitman    4
Edwin Honig
Walt Whitman    5-6
Milton Hindus
Generous America    6
Richard Eberhart
Centennial for Whitman    7-10
Langston Hughes
Old Walt    10
Edward Dahlberg
Walt Whitman    11-13
Russell Atkins
There She Sits    14-15
Norman Friedman
Grace Is Wild    15
Herman Salinger
Lines Before the Decapitation of the Statue of Liberty    16
Ernest Kroll
A Century of Leaves    17
Harry Hooton
It'll Be All Wrong in the End    18-19
Harvey Shapiro
Song for Orpheus    20
Sonia Raiziss, translator
Whitmanesque, by Alfredo Giop de Palchi    21
Sonia Raiziss
Whitman Today    22
William Jay Smith, translator
Prologue, from Poems of a Multi-millionaire, by Valery Larbaud    23
Images, from Poems of a Multi-millionaire, by Valery Larbaud    24-26
Charles Olson
Letter #29, from The Maximus Poems    27-32
Byron Vazakas
From Fulton Ferry    32
William Carlos Williams
The Ivy Crown    33-36
Neil Weiss
Poet    36
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