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Summer 1956 Vol. 6 No. 4
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Peter Viereck, Editor
Peter Viereck
A Note on "Younger Poets"    1
George P. Elliott
His Cataract is Removed, Letting the Light in    2
Burns Singer
The Moth    3
Isabella Gardner
Summers Ago--for Edith Sitwell    4
Robert Richman
In the Museum of Natural History    5
Josephine Jacobsen
The Eyes of Children at the Brink of the Sea's Grasp    5-6
Edwin Honig
World View    6
William Jay Smith
Clair de Lune    7
Julian McMaster
Flowers (in a Vase in Elba)    8
John Logan
A Second Song, We Sing for Our Lost Innocence    8
Geoffrey Wagner
Waterskiing: Saratoga Lake    9
Leslie Woolf Hedley
Elegy    10
David Lutyens
The Second Coming    11-12
E. L. Mayo
Oakleaf Elegy    12
Peter Viereck
To Womanly Beauty in Motion    13-14
Peter Kane Dufault
Aquiline    15
James Dickey
The Flight    16-19
Louis Simpson
A Boy in the Marvellous City    20
David Melvin Paul
El Street    21
Jeremy Ingalls
Recurrence    21-22
Radcliffe Squires
Guilt    22
Hanson Kellogg
Hell as Hospital    23
Sheridan Baker
A Carving: Henry Moore    24
John Hay
The Depth    25
Dannie Abse
Epithalamion    26-27
Chad Walsh
The Angle of the Sunlight    27
David Ignatow
Elegy    28
Albert Paris Leary
Skid Row    28
Hollis Summers
Only Perhaps Mine    29
Richard Eberhart
The Sacrifice    29
Adrienne Rich
The Salvagers    30
Thomas Fitzsimmons
Rim to Rhythm    31
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