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Winter 1956-1957 Vol. 7 No. 2
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Edsel Ford
Ten    1
Robert S. Sward
The Ladder Wire    2
The Picnic Party    3-4
Larry Rubin
The Loser    4
James Hiner
In Roartious Indignacity    5-6
John Fandel
Two Voices North of Coggeshall Point    7
Directive    8
Sheila Pritchard
Thirty, and Falling    8-9
Lachlan MacDonald
Letter    10-12
Gene Frumkin
Joan at the Stake    12-13
Gil Orlovitz
The Rooster    14-19
A. M. Ortiz, translator
Llama de Amor Viva (The Living Flame of Love), by San Juan de la Cruz    20-21
Jean Zlatiev, translator
La Nuit de Mai (A Night in May), by Henri Guérin    22-23
Dis-moi Girafe (Tell Me Giraffe ), by Henri Guérin    22-25
Ah! Lièvre (Hey, Rabbit), by Henri Guérin    24-27
Herman Salinger, translator
Landschaft aus Schreien (Landscape of Screams), by Nelly Sachs    26-29
S. P. Zitner
A Found Log    30
John Holmes
Instead of Albums    31-33
All's Well That Ends    33-34
Lawrence Lipton
How Jazz Was Born    35-36
Ken Eisler
Folk Story    36
Werewolf    37
K. K. Lendon
I'm Going to Kick    37-38
To H.R.    38
K. P. A. Taylor
Winterset    39
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