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Summer 1960 Vol. 10 No. 4
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Louise D. Peck
The Knowledgeable Cat    1
Lambing    2-3
Florence Victor
Black Is Always Black    3
Vern Rutsala
Fears    4
Edsel Ford
Notes from My Mother    5
"Hunting Fishing and Forest Scenes. By Currier & Ives" ("Good Luck All Around")    6-7
Byron Colt
Blasting at the Reservoir    7
James C. Waugh
The Trial of the Poet    8-11
On Hearing George Lewis' Jazz Clarinet    12
F. D. Reeve
There Is No City with No Sparrows in It    12
Joseph Kostolefsky
Ahab    13-14
C. P. Berge
Convent Swallows    14
William Pillin
Prologue to a Reading    15-16
Leslie Woolf Hedley
A Jew Returns to Germany    17
William Packard
Apology for Distance    18
Near Hannover in Lower Saxony    19
Sam Bradley
The Dream of Albert Camus (1913-1960)    20-21
Harry Morris
Madame, Withouten Many Wordes    21
Paris Leary
First Confession    22
Albert Paris Leary
Hal Ogilvie, Sewanee '48    22-25
Atavist    26-28
Miss Dodie    28-29
R. G. Vliet
Games, Hard Press and Bruise of the Flesh    29
Glauco Cambon
For Allen and Natalie Marquardt, Killed on the Highway    30
Donald W. Baker
Twelve Hawks    31-32
Genie Rollings Valentine
Only My Heart    32
Sister Mary Gilbert, SNJM.
Elemental    33
Emile Snyder
violence is love    34
lullabye to no child    35
illegal    35-36
goldfish at home    37
J. Rachuy
Suburban Matron Abhorring Unplanned Parentage    37
Sheridan Baker
The Yellow Packard    38
The Cottage    39
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