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Spring 1961 Vol. 11 No. 3
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Richard Gillman
All in the Path of a Power Mower    1
Carl Larsen
Attack of the Giant Gnats (or) Suicide Note Found in a Bottle of Flit    2-4
Joan Byrne
A Wish upon a Bone    5
A. C. Lampee
Within a Pavement Park    6
R. E. Sebenthall
Explorer    7-8
August Derleth
Night Journey    8
Marvin Solomon
Now, into the Wilds    9-10
To a Significant Clamshell    10-11
Janice Farrar
To My Husband's Daughter    12
E. Hale Chatfield
Old Ladies    13-14
Hawk    14
M. Shumway
A March Thursday    15
58    15-16
Phyllis Rose
Marriage    16
Archibald Henderson
Whore's Antiphon    17
Anthony Naumann
Closing Time for Fred    18-19
Nancy-Lou Patterson
St. Louis Cemeteries    20
A Delicatessen    21
The Gardens    21-22
Jack Tootell
'Ah-ha,' I Said    22
Jocelyn Macy Sloan
A Woman with Plump White Hands    23-24
Pierre Henri Delattre
Anniversary    24
E. H. Templin
In Imitation of Francisco Gomez de Quevedo (1580-1645)    25
Florence Victor
The Archduke Trio    26
Confessions of an Unsophisticated Atheist    27-28
Never Tell Stories in the Afternoon    28-30
P. Kendall
It May Be She Will Live Long    30
Hasye Cooperman
For His Root Was by Many Waters    31-33
Edward Field
An Event    33-34
Edsel Ford
Eddy    35
David A. Locher
Along the Trace    36
Raymond Roseliep
It Doth Make a Difference    36-37
Julian Palley
The Toad    37
John N. Miller
The Gallery    38-39
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