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Summer 1962 Vol. 12 No. 4
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John C. Hoy
Reply    1
The Cows    2-3
Bagging Time    3-4
Ed Roberson
To Marvell's Chariot    4
Robert L. Smith
Don Juan Says Farewell, 1962    5-7
W. R. Moses
Of Cabbages and Kings    7
John A. Taylor
Ode on a Chimu Beerjug    8-9
Jeanne Prahl
Cultural Pursuit    10-11
Prayer on Leaving a Bookshop    11-12
Paul Zweig
The Body's Slums    13
Sam Bradley
The Witch of Tuebingen    14-17
Sy Kahn
Giraffes    17
R. E. Sebenthall
The Baddies    18-19
Philip Hobsbaum
Commemoration    19
Stanley Solomon
Of Stars We Want Affection and Design    20
L. C. Phillips
Now Jonah Awakens as Ambergris    21-28
Paris Leary
Michael Soloman    28-29
Cousin Belle Prescott    29-30
John Stewart Carter
Elegy Written in Montparnasse    30-32
Richard N. Ringler
The Ordeal    33-35
Allen Planz
Jim Crow    36
The Dive    36-37
The Young Marrieds    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Robert Lowell, Imitations    38
Helen Bevington, When Found, Make A Verse of    38
Albert Herzing and John M. Ridland and David R. Slavitt, Poets of Today VIII    38-39
Edwin Muir, The Estate of Poetry    39
Hugh MacDiarmid, Collected Poems    39
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