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Winter 1962-1963 Vol. 13 No. 2
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Chapbook 6: Contemporary Asian Poetry

Robert H. Glauber
Introduction    1-2
Umashankar Joshi, translator
The Washerman, by Umashankar Joshi    3-4
Lila Ray, translator
The Rainy Season, by Asokbijay Raha    4
The Storm, by Asokbijay Raha    5
An Evening, by Asokbijay Raha    5
P. Machwe, translator
Extremely Impoverished, by Nirendra Chakravarty    6
Josephine Miles and Vidya Niwas Misra, translator
Since I Left the Ocean, by Navin    7
The Family, by Visvanath    8
Balwant Gargi, translator
A Village Girl, by Mohan Singh    8-9
Evening, by Mohan Singh    10
Gajjan Singh, by Mohan Singh    10-13
Silence, by Amrita Pritam    14
A. K. Ramanujan, translator
Krishna, by G. S. Sivarudrappa    14-15
M. P. Bhaskaran
Suddenly I Saw Him    16
Adil Jussawalla
The First Day    17
Drake    18
Derwent May, translator
Ballad of the Men of Limestone Soil, by W. S. Rendra    19-20
Jean Kennedy and Burton Raffel, translator
Waking, by Sitor Situmorang    21
Burton Raffel and Nurdin Salam, translator
My Love's on a Far-Away Island, by Chairil Anwar    21-22
A Room, by Chairil Anwar    22-23
James S. Holmes, translator
Traveler First Class, by J. E. Tatengkeng    23
Makoto Ueda, translator
The Afternoon of a Solar Eclipse, by Shinjiro Kurahara    24
A Garden of Watermelons, by Shinjiro Kurahara    24-25
James Brandon, translator
Poem, by Shuntaro Tanigawa    25
Harold P. Wright, translator
White Desert, by Shinohara Hiroshi    26
Makoto Ueda, translator
Cock, by Sakutaro Hagiwara    27-28
Harold P. Wright, translator
Bird, by Itsuko Ishikawa    28
Peter H. Lee, translator
Self-Portrait, by So Chong-ju    29
Koryo Celadon, by Pak Chong-hwa    30
Does Spring Come to Stolen Fields?, by Yi Samg-hwa    31-32
Flowers, by Yu Ch'i-hwan    32
Ancient Temple, by Cho Chi-hun    33
In Soo Lee, translator
The Vertex, by Yuk Sa Lee    33
Head, by Chi Hwan Yoo    34
Abdullah Majid and Oliver Rice, translator
Embers, by Samad Said    35-36
I Do Not Care, by S. N. Masuri    36
Balakrishna Sama
Last Night of an Old Woman    37-40
Wine    40-45
The Song    46
Carlo Coppola and M. H. K. Qureshi, translator
Sheba in Ruin, by N. M. Rashed    47
Near the Balcony, by N. M. Rashed    48-49
Introductions, by N. M. Rashed    49-50
The Smell of Mankind, by N. M. Rashed    50
Taufiq Rafat
Poem 1    51
Poem 2    51
Poem 3    52
Poem 4    53
Manuel A. Viray
The Blind Woman Next Door    54-56
Virginia Moreno
Lament of a Cathay Handmaiden in Marco Polo's Tent Pavilion    56-57
Oscar de Zuniga
The Dogs    57
Wai-lim Yip
Where Quietude Reigns    58-59
Fragment III    59
James N. Mosel and Burton Raffel, translator
Till Heart's End, by Chayasi Sunthonphiphit    60
The Cold Winds, by Khukrit Pramot    61
The White Lotus, by H. R. H. Prince Phanuphan Yukhon    61
Nguyen Ngoc Bich, translator
The Long River, by Huy Can    62
Nguyen Ngoc Bich and Oliver Rice, translator
Green Nostalgia, by Nguyen Thu Le    63-64
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