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Spring 1963 Vol. 13 No. 3
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John Wheatcroft
Charles Ives (1874-1954)    1
Daniel Curley
Concerning the Hidden Nature of Things, Which Does Not Seem To Be Hidden Equally from Everyone    2-3
Monday: Hamburg: Kokoschka    3-5
Robert Clayton Casto
The Jewess of Pinsk    5-6
Barbara Overmyer
Prohibitions    7-9
Poetics    9-11
Nancy Price
Milk and Honey    11
Alice M. Tealey
deviations on the littlest vampire    12
Lines    12-13
Mamie's Reply to the Adman    13-14
Emmanuel Torres
Li Po Discovers an Oriole    14
W. R. Moses
The Owl Ball    15
Barry Targan
Comedian    16-17
Sanborn Abromowitz    17-18
R. E. Sebenthall
Crows    19
Margaret Masland Lavin
The Fifth Trumpeter    20-26
Carl Wooton
Requiem for Jose O'Toole    27-28
Philip Roberts
The Eye of the Stag    29
Death of the Astronomer    30
William Hunt
Oceans, Corridors and the Desperate Song Which Is Orpheus    31-36
Laurence Lieberman
Nose to the Gravestone    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Robert Creeley, For Love    38
Muriel Rukeyser, Waterlily Fire    38
Jack Gilbert, Views of Jeopardy    38
Robert Frost, In the Clearing    38
Anchor Books    38-39
Robert Graves, Oxford Addresses on Poetry    39
Jonathan Williams, In England's Green &    39
Carlo L. Golino, ed., Contemporary Italian Poetry    39

Publication Noted:
Lou B. (Bink) Noll, The Center of the Circle    39
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