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Summer 1963 Vol. 13 No. 4
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Derek Walcott
Rivers    1
Galway Kinnell
Tillamook Journal (revision)    2-6
Philip Hobsbaum
Old Bachelor    7
Bulldog Drummond Fights Again    8-9
In London    9-10
Stuart Dodds
Eliminations    10-12
Sol Newman
How Nice of Pope Sulzberger to Grant Germany Absolution    13-19
Khwaja Shahid Hosain
Karbala    20-22
A Prospect of Desire    22-24
The Oriental Poet Comes to Tuscany    24-26
Buddhadeva Bose
Song of a Man in Love    27-28
A Stranger    28
Ottone M. Riccio
Makeshift Rationale    29
Ruth Berrien Fox
The Spirit of the Hills, after Ch'u Yuan    30
The Voice of the River, after Ch'u Yuan    30-31
Lament of the Lady of Hsiang, after Ch'u Yuan    31
Paris Leary
Love Lifted Me    32-34
Albert Paris Leary
To Seconal, on Good Friday    34-35
Jack Anderson
Portents    35
Eve Triem
Nativity Poem    36-37
Harold V. Witt
As I Was Walking the Dog in St. Francis Kansas    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Carl Sandburg, Honey and Sa1t    38
Robinson Jeffers, The Beginning and the End    38
Yevgeny Yevtuschenko, Selected Poems    38
James Merrill, Water Street    38-39
Ogden Nash, Everyone But Thee and Me    39
Kai-yu Hsu, ed., Twentieth Century Chinese Poetry, Kai-yu Hsu, translator    39
Paul Engle and Joseph Langland, ed., Poet's Choice    39
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