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Fall 1963 Vol. 14 No. 1
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Chapbook 7: William Carlos Williams: A Memorial

David Ignatow, Editor
David Ignatow
Introduction    1-2
Sonia Raiziss, translator
Letter to William Carlos Williams, by Carlo Della Corte    3
Paul Blackburn
Phone Call to Rutherford    4
W. S. Merwin
The Next    4-6
LeRoi Jones
A Contract    6-7
Edwin Honig
from "The Weather's Criminal"    8
Robert S. Sward
Poem, For:    8-9
Sonia Raiziss, translator
Arizona, by Alfredo de Palchi    9-10
Russell Edson
Let Us Go Now    10-11
Sonia Raiziss, translator
To a Childhood Chum, by Vittorio Sereni    11-12
Sonia Raiziss
Window Watcher    13
Adrienne Rich
Ghost of a Chance    14
Raymond Roseliep
Sonet    14-15
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Bulletin on an Old Man's Eyesight    15-16
Hayden Carruth
Poem    16
Jacob Leed
Two Poems    17
Neil Weiss
William Carlos Williams    18-19
Carol Bergé
Circles, as in the Eye    19-20
Gael Turnbull
A Confession    21
Philip Murray
A Palimpsest for William Carlos Williams    22-23
David Pearson Etter
Progress Report    23
Babette Deutsch
Voices on Riverside    24
Lewis Turco
Some of the Boys Practice Classical Ragtime    25-26
Joseph Joel Keith
The Newspaper    26-27
James L. Weil
To William Carlos Gulliver    27
Harland Ristau
The High Cost of Patriotism    28
Oswald LeWinter
To a Patriarch in Jersey    28-29
Denise Levertov
The Secret    30-31
Mary Ellen Solt
For William Carlos Williams    31-32
Jonathan Williams
For William Carlos Williams    33
Joseph Leonard Grucci
Equation    33-34
Sam Bradley
Amid the Elements    34
Robert Dash
Poem    35
A. R. Ammons
Sung Reassertions    36
Gary Snyder
A Heifer Clambers Up    37
Byron Vazakas
The Nostalgias of Change    38
Robert Creeley
For W. C. W. (2)    39
Harvey Shapiro
Once Again    40
Theodore Enslin
Pavanne    41
Robert Bly
Watching Fall Dust Inside Sheds    42
Armand Schwerner
Still Life of the Man of Value    42-43
David Ignatow
I Am Well    44
Theodore Weiss
Out of Your Hands    44-47
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