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Winter 1963-1964 Vol. 14 No. 2
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Jon Anderson
What It Is Like To Be God    1
John Stewart Carter
Firenze    2-3
K. P. A. Taylor
Chacun a Son    3
Robert Spiess
Ten Verses for Illustrations for a Primer    4-5
Two Haiku    5
Gil Orlovitz
Art of the Sonnet: 165    6
Jack Bobbitt
Inequation: Crazy Woman Creek, Wyoming    6
Carl Linder
Listening    7
Emma Bovary    7-8
Douglas Freelander
Late Shift    8
Peter Lorden
The Peak of Abstraction    9
E. San Juan, Jr.
Declaration of the Witness    10-11
Declaration of the Judge    11-12
Declaration of the Executioner    12-13
Declaration of the Assassins    13-14
John Nist
Love Can See    15
I Wake to the Sweet Jabber of the Birds    15-16
Ronald B. Ribman
Variations on an Elizabethan Prologue for Bubonic Knight    17-18
Robert Pawlowski
After All, Mother    18
Premendra Mitra
The Soul of Birds    19
Jeremy Ingalls
Remembering John Fitzgerald Kennedy; A Penitential Office, An Office of Atonement    20
Sy Kahn
Each Ritual September    21-22
Marjorie Washburn
Humor in Love Here    23
To Seize the Key    23-24
The Cowardly Bullfighter    24-25
Jack Crawford, Jr.
Strawberries    26
The Red Tricycle    27
Laurence Lieberman
A Waking    28
Lunch    29
Suzanne Gross
Ozark Elegy 2    30-31
Ken Tindall
The Language of Trees    31-32
Sam Bradley
Beset    33
Susan Edwards
Lament    34
William Mathes
The Beard    35
Carole Cross
Rationality in the Morning When the Milkman Is Tardy and There's. No Cream for the...    36
Margaret Secrist
The Lost Ones    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Gwendolyn Brooks, Selected Poems    38
John Malcolm Brinnin and Bill Read, ed., The Modern Poets    38
May Swenson, To Mix with Time    38
Edward Field, Stand Up, Friend, With Me    38
Michelangelo, Complete Poems and Selected Letters of Michelangelo, Creighton Gilbert, translator    38-39
E. S. Connell, Notes from a Bottle Found on the Beach at Carmel    39
Robert Bly, Silence in the Snowy Fields    39
Howard Nemerov, The Next Room of the Dream    39

Publication Noted:
Bink Noll, The Center of the Circle    39
Chad Walsh, The Psalm of Christ    39
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