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Spring 1964 Vol. 14 No. 3
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Richard Curry Esler
Fishermen's Wharf    1
Stanley Cooperman
Jenifer's Song    2
Dialectic    2-3
Jocelyn Sloan
New Day    4
Meditation    5
Warren Slesinger
Stone Winter    6-7
Joan Saltzberg
Socials    7
Norman Talbot
Sligo    8-9
Irene Eberling
Violence    9
Fred J. Escher
Love    10
Henry S. Taylor
Over the River and through the Woods    11-12
One Sumer Night    12-13
The Woman at Fireman's Field    13-15
Melvin Walker La Follette
New Day    16
Carter England
The Composer    16
David Galler
The Chalice    17-21
Patricia Goedicke
The Hedgehog    22
J. Edgar Simmons
Talking through Chaucer's Hat    23
Jonathan Morse
Poem in August    24
William J. Walsh
Findings of Jules Laforgue (a free adaptation)    25
Robert Siegel
To Amenhotep, Overseer of Pharaoh's Wheat    26
Caroline Hoffberg
Lake Arrowhead    27
Peter Russell
Reflection    28-29
Albert Howard Carter
Water Color: Woman Seated    29
Robert Joe Stout
Love... after Our First Child's Death    30
Sidney Brenner
Blake    31
Saint Francis    31-32
Annette Basalyga
Beast Remarks the Passing of his Beauty    33
Robert Bloom
Windlee Jackson    34
David Standish
Poet on Troubled Soil    35-36
Larry Rubin
The Law    36
Louis Ginsberg
Senate Rackets Investigation Televised    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
A. L. Rowse, William Shakespeare    38
Langston Hughes, ed., Poems from Black Africa    38
Aileen Ward, John Keats    38
Walter Bate, John Keats    38
Stanley Burnshaw, Caged in an Animal's Mind    38
Galway Kinnell, Flower Herding on Mt. Monadnock    39
W. S. Merwin, The Moving Target    39
Alan Dugan, Poems 2    39
Chairil Anwar, Selected Poems, Burton Raffel and Nurdin Salam, translator    39
Tim Reynolds, Ryoanji    39
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