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Winter 1965-1966 Vol. 16 No. 2
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Sheila Kushner
The Death of Virginia Woolf, 1941    1
Felix Stefanile
Mrs. Clotho, Mrs. Lachesis    2-3
Horse-Shoe Crab    3-4
Elsa Colligan
On Target    5
Martin Halpern
On the First Anniversary of the Death of President Kennedy    6-7
Jay Ames
Viet Nam 1965    8-9
Robert Dusenbery
Trapped    9
Judith Goren
Legacy    10-12
Ending    13-14
Yahrzeit Candle    14
Frederick Thorgood
Waiting for Jenni    15
Suzanne Gross
Holy Saturday    16-17
Raymond Carver
For Semra, with Martial Vigor    17-19
Alan. D. Austin
Hope, Incorporated    20
Mildred Cousens
Death by Tractor    21
Lawrence P. Spingarn
The Picnic at Aghia Marina    22
Backwords    22-23
Sirocco    23
William Margolis
Innocent Details of a Mirage    24-25
Miriam Khamadi
My Daughter Is Not Yet Back    25
Wendell Berry
The Sign    26
October 10    26-27
The Quiet    27
The Snake    28
The Dehorning    29
The Cold    30
The Arrival    31
Jon Stallworthy
A Word with the Baas    32-34
Helen Sorrells
Small Talk    35
Jason Miller
Avenue 'A'    36
Jerry Metz
It Bothered Him    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
T. Inglis Moore and Douglas Stewart, ed., Poetry in Australia    38
William Arrowsmith and Roger Shattuck, ed., The Craft and Context of Translation    38
Albert Paris Leary and Robert Kelly, ed., A Controversy of Poets    38
Denise Levertov, 0 Taste and See    38
Léopold Sédar Senghor, Selected Poems    38
Richard Hugo, Death of the Kapowsin Tavern    38-39
Hollis Summers, Seven Occasions    39
Gerald Robert Vizenor, translator, Summer in the Spring    39
The Nippon Gakujutsu Shinkokai, translator, The Manyoshu    39
Robert Frost, Selected Letters of Robert Frost, Lawrence Thompson, ed.    39
M. L. Rosenthal, Boy on Blue Skates    39
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