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Spring 1966 Vol. 16 No. 3
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Dave Etter
Home Country    1
Country Graveyard    2
Alexander Kuo
The Descent of an Early Winter    3-4
Ideas of Order at Key West    4-5
Dudley Randall
Pacific Epitaphs    6-8
Carol Tinker
'Where there are no gods there are ghosts'    8-9
Harold Witt
No Doubt    10-11
Harold V. Witt
Berkeley Dusk    11-12
Deciding They Need Each Other, The Nations Get Together    12
Thomas Fitzsimmons
A Kind of Prayer    13
Weyve    14
Homer Blinded    14-15
Night Rain    15
Brutal More Gentle    16
In Ease in Posse    16-17
Coronation: Now York    17
Seven of Japan    18-20
Thomas Fitzsimmons and R. Fukuda, translator
Strangers' Sky, by Koichi Iijima    21
What Was Eaten at the South Pole, by Gyo Inuzuka    22
Small Tune on Snow, Impromptu, by Choku Kanai    23
Nothing More To Be Lost, by Saburo Kuroda    24
Birds, by Taro Kitamura    25
Homecoming, by Tsunao Aida    26
Thomas Fitzsimmons and Tadayoshi Onuma, translator
Old Hunter's Tale, by Tadayoshi Onuma    27
Thomas Fitzsimmons and R. Fukuda, translator
Imaginary Guerrilla, by Yoshio Kuroda    28-29
In This Country, by Rumiko Kora    30
Invisible Tree, by Ryuichi Tamura    31
River, by Kikuo Takano    32
Steven Orlen
The Final Peach    33-34
Sheila Pritchard
That Giant    34
Albert Fowler
Four Threats: Threat by Etiquette, Threat by Maid, Threat by Water, Threat by Earth    35-40
Sy Kahn
The Trees of Israel    41-42
Barry Spacks
Day Full of Gulls    43
Swans    44
Robert Sward
Doctor in the Horse House Mouse    45
E. F. Weisslitz
Acts    46-47
Tenants    47
Diane Wakoski-Sherbell
Sleep Incantation    48-49

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
John Stewart Carter, Poems: An Handful With Quietness    50
Louis Zukofsky, All    50
Theodore Weiss, The Medium    50
James Dickey, Buckdancer's Choice    50
Maxine Kumin, The Privilege    50
Bob Kaufman, Solitudes Crowded with Loneliness    51
Donald Finkel, Simeon    51
Horace Gregory, Collected Poems    51
Jorge Luis Borges, Dreamtigers, Mildred Boyer and Harold Morland, translator    51
Derek Walcott, Selected Poems    51
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