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Summer 1966 Vol. 16 No. 4
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E. R. Baxter
On the Difficulty of Determining the Real Worth of Something    1
Jack Crawford, Jr.
June Bug    2-3
James Hiner
Meye Gran Fodder    4-5
The Slate-colored Juncos    6
On His Birthday, thinking West: three perspectives    7
Naomi Clark
The Unborn    8
The Poltergeist    8-10
George Thompson
The Reasons Why I Am Not Proposing Marriage    11
Margaret Randall
The Difference    12
E. L. Armstrong
One    13
Two    14-19
Three    20-22
Four    22-27
K. M. George and A. K. Ramanujan, translator
The Old Carpenter, by G. Sankara Kurup    28-35
William Sullivan
The Second Key    35
Seth Wade
Out of the East    36
Ruth Lisa Schechter
Waiting to Go    37

Robert H. Glauber, reviewer
Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin, Vladimir Nabokov, translator    38
Dave Etter, Go Read the River    38
Vidya Niwas Misra, ed., Modern Hindi Poetry    38
Daniel Berrigan, No One Walks Waters    38-39
Stephen Mooney, News from the South    39
Tram Combs, Saint Thomas    39
Diane Wakoski, Discrepancies and Apparitions    39

Publication Noted:
David Palmer, Quickly, Over the Wall    39
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