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Winter 1968-1969 Vol. 19 No. 2
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Ling Chung
To a Lady of Madison    1
David Zack
Sunday Afternoon Boat Ride    2-3
William J. Harris
I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Super Nigger (!)    4
David Zaiss
Birth of the Wong    5
The Wong in Love    6
Sy Kahn
For Kimo, Drowned in Her Twelfth Year, 1968    6-7
Herbert Scott
Picture Puzzle    8
A Portrait of the Runner    8-9
The Lovers    10-11
The Friend    11
C. G. Hanzlicek
For Chicago's Mayor Daley    12-13
R. Hollis Miller
Union #1    14-15
Sara deFord
Long Distance    15-16
Donal Mahoney
In Break Formation    17
David Lunde
The Explanation    18-19
Erica Mann
The Saturday Market, from "A Heidelberg Notebook"    20-22
The Landlady, from "A Heidelberg Notebook"    22-23
The 8:29 to Frankfurt, from "A Heidelberg Notebook"    24-25
Letter from a Flood    26-27
The Catch    27
Orpheus on the Poetry Circuit    28
Tapestry, with Unicorns    29-30
At the Museum of Natural History    31-32
Tony Whedon
The Sheriff    33
Examples    33-34
David Tipton
Rainbow Boa    35-36
Jack Foley
The Skeleton's Defense of Carnality    37

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Robert Bly, The LIght Around the Body    38
Paul Carroll, ed., The Young Poets    38
Mark Strand, Reasons for Moving    38-39
Brian Dibble, reviewer
Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems: 1956-1968    39
Brother Antoninus, The Residual Years: Poems 1934-1948    39
Brother Antoninus, The Rose of Solitude: A Love Poem--Sequence    39
Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Robert Duncan, Bending the Bow    40

Publication Noted:
John Bennett, The Zoo Manuscript    40
Chad Walsh, The End of Nature    40
David M. Stocking and Marion K. Stocking, The Journals of Claire Clairmont, 1814-1827    40
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