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Winter 1969-1970 Vol. 20 No. 2
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Richard Frost
Winter Poem for All My Rejections and Those I Am Sending    1
Bill Hotchkiss
The Ruined Cane    2-4
William R. Slaughter
Watering the Grass    5
Dick Allen
Against the American East    6
Picking Mayflowers    7
Brian Swann
Hawthorn    7-8
Barbara L. Greenberg
The Children    9-10
Chambermaid    10-11
J.P. in the Surf    11
Margaret Secrist
While Posing for Van Eyck's Marriage Portrait    12-13
Charles Stetler
The Skin Man    14-15
Harris Hatcher
The House    16-17
The Grape Magician    17-18
Robert Bonazzi
A Muskox Loses His Herd    18
Sonia Raiziss
The Animist    19
Cyril A. Dostal
Of Fungi, Graveyards, and the Triumph of Matter over Intellect    20-27
Joan Berns
Christmas Leave    28-29
Beatrice Frackelton
Neanderthal in New Haven    29
Nicholas Lindsay
An Arthritic    30
Paul Madonick
And Balderdash Died Too    31
The Aristocrats    32
Joseph Sherman
Confectionary Store    33-35
An End to an End    35-36

David M. Stocking, reviewer
Patrick Gleeson, ed., A First Reader of Contemporary American Poetry    37
Stephen Berg and Robert Mezey, ed., Naked Poetry    37
Mark Strand, ed., The Contempory American Poets: American Poetry since 1940    37
Paul Holmes and Anita J. Lehman, ed., Receiving and Sending the Poem    38
Stephen Dunning and Edward Lueders and Hugh Smith, ed., Some Haystacks Don't Even Have Any Needles and Other Complete Modern Poems    38
Serge Gavronsky, ed., Poems & Texts    38
Antonio Porchia, Voices, W. S. Merwin, translator    38
Allan Seager, The Glass House: The Life of Theodore Roethke    39
Gary Snyder, Earth House Hold    39
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