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Fall 1970 Vol. 21 No. 1
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Albert H. Norman
Zisca    1
Ina Jones
Jess Thorpe    2-3
A Memoir    4-6
Below Stars    6
Stuart Friebert
We Follow Directions Carefully    7
John D. Niles
Nora    8
Jeanne Hill
Unwritten Rites    9
John Enright
Journey for Charles Olson    10-19
Robert Gillespie
In This Great Era of Reading Poetry Here Is a Poem To Be Read at a Poetry Reading    20-21
Richard Hart
Small Fall    22
R. E. Sherwin
Holding Down the Edge of Light    22-23
Cyril A. Dostal
My Son Confronts a Former Naval Aviator with Evidence that Eighteen Years Are Not Enough    24-27
Thomas Lux
Pindar (Odes 1-8)    28-31
The Submarine Child    31
Jack Anderson
Calamitous Dreams    32-33
Stephen Mooney
Apocalypse    33
Kathleen Wiegner
I Know    34
Sy Kahn
Green Bay Bus Poem No. One    35-37
Green Bay Bus Poem No. Two    37-39
Rocking the Boat    39-43
Terence Winch
This Here Elephant's Visit    44

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Jerome Rothenberg, ed., Technicians of the Sacred: A Range of Poetries from Africa, America, Asia, and Oceana    44-45
Carl Cary, Salish Songs & Rituals    45
Lorine Niedecker, T & G: The Collected Poems (1936-1966)    45
Ronald Johnson, Valley of the Many-Colored Grasses    45-46
Charles Olson, Maximus Poems IV, V, VI    46
Charles Olson, Letters for Origin    46
David M. Stocking, reviewer
Robert Creeley, Pieces    47
Robert Creeley, The Charm    47
Robert Creeley, A Quick Graph: Collected Notes and Essays    47
Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
James Baloian and David Kherdian, ed., Down at the Santa Fe Depot: 20 Fresno Poems    47

Publication Noted:
John Bennett, Griefs and Exultations    47
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