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Summer 1975 Vol. 25 No. 4
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Issue 100

Sanford Weiss
Cucumbers    1
Felix Pollak
Incident    2-3
M. T. Buckley
Frozen Dog    4
Wladyslaw Cieszynski
Amulet, from Songs of Sebya    5
Gary Hulbert
Red, White, Brown    6
Through the Wall    7
Sandra M. Gilbert
Galileo's Telescope    7
Richard Jackson
Crawford Notch: Three Voices    8-12
Michael Pettit
Barn Rhythms    12-13
Stephen Dunn
Upon Appearing in a Poetry Magazine in Which Greg Kuzma and Albert Goldbarth Did Not Also Have Poems    13
Jack W. Thomas
Yampa    14-16
Carole Simmons Oles
Priorities    16
Frederic Will
Epics of America LXI: Time for Bed    17
Linda Hogan
Mosquitoes    18
After Fish    19
Anthony G. Sobin
The Calculation    20-22
The Museum, the Hands    22-25
Survival of the Fittest    25-29
Thomas Johnson
Lines of Force    30
Philip Pierson
But Never a Picnic    31
Hitch-Hiker    32-33
Janet Kauffman
Mennonite Farm Wife    33
Suzanne Gross
The Star Lesson    34-35
Judith Kotary
The Egg Poem    36

David M. Stocking, reviewer
Boundary 2 (Olson Issue)    37
L. Elizabeth. Beattie, reviewer
Anne Sexton, The Awful Rowing Toward God    37
David M. Stocking, reviewer
A. R. Ammons, Sphere: The Form of Motion    37-38
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