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Fall 1975 Vol. 26 No. 1
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Chapbook 14: A Chapbook for David Ignatow

David M. Stocking, Editor
David M. Stocking
Introduction    1-2
A. R. Ammons
David    3
Wendell Berry
The Bent Tree    4
At Night    4
Sam Bradley
Storm's Stubborn, my Brothers    5
Millen Brand
He Was One Liked Light Around Him    6
The Deitsch    7
Hayden Carruth
Elaboration    8
Cid Corman
Flakes--enough    8
Sonia Raiziss, translator
the michelangelesque, by Alfredo Giop de Palchi    9
my nature, by Alfredo Giop de Palchi    9
the pedagogic eye, by Alfredo Giop de Palchi    9
Richard Eberhart
Depths    10
Russell Edson
In the Late Afternoon    11-12
The Overlap of Worlds    12
One Who Journeys in a Tree    12
Theodore Enslin
A Long Way to Look    13
William Heyen
The Machine as Jewish Mother    14
The Line    14
Edwin Honig
Promise    15
Songs for a Windy Night    16
Josephine Jacobsen
The Leopard-Nurser    17
June Jordan
Poem for Granville Ivanhoe Jordan    18-21
Milton Kessler
A World of Men    22
Denise Levertov
Intimation    23
Gerard Malanga
Vision 1938 Paris    24
Another Poem    25
Allen Mandelbaum
The Ayre of If, from "Chelmaxioms: The Maxims/Axioms/Maxioms of Chelm"    26-27
The Phantom Chant, from "Chelmaxioms: The Maxims/Axioms/Maxioms of Chelm"    27-30
William Matthews
A Life of Crime    31
Thomas McGrath
Totems (VI)    32-33
W. S. Merwin
The Shuttles    34
Josephine Miles
Delay    35
Rest    36
Ralph J. Mills, Jr.
Already    37
Leonard Nathan
Discovery    38
Sonia Raiziss
The America of a Man    39-41
Carl Rakosi
David Ignatow at the Bar    42
An Admonition by David Ignatow    42
David Ray
Orphans    43-47
James Reiss
How It Must Be    48
Jerome Rothenberg
Zaritsky's Children, & Other Poems for the Rich    49-50
Grace Schulman
Double Vision    51
Waking a Soul in a Tree Near West House    52
Armand Schwerner
The Task    52
Hugh Seidman
The Bats    53-54
The Front    54-55
Harvey Shapiro
On My Portrait by Rose Graubart    56
Selected Bibliography    57
Louis Simpson
The Driving Instructor    58
William Stafford
Accepting the Watch    59
Terry Stokes
Mean Feet    60
The Pen Makes It in the New World    60
Brian Swann
Air Water Earth Fire: Place des Vosges    61-62
Nathaniel Tarn
Poem 5, from The Fire Poem    63
Theodore Weiss
Facing the Music    64-65
Ruth Whitman
Rooms of the Ocean    66-68
Jonathan Williams
Quiet Nights    69-70
Paul Zweig
Self and Soul    71
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