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Winter 1976-1977 Vol. 27 No. 2
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Hunt Hawkins
Jean-Paul Sartre in the Bathtub    1
Sally McCluskey
The Curious Cognizant Fish    2
Leo Romero
End of the Columbus Day Weekend    3-5
A Broken Turtle    5
Shaun Farragher
John Colman's Journal: 1611-1620    6-13
Paula Rankin
Foundry Poem: For All Children Burned Alive    14
Two Poems for the Blood    15
Alan Perlis
Alabama Is a State of Mind    16-17
Christopher Clausen
Transformations    17-19
Aileen Grumbach
Dolphins at the Toll    20-21
Suzanne Gross
Crows    22-24
Corgenn's Song Over Aedh    24-27
Philip Pierson
Getting the Goat Fixed    28-29
David Graham
Census    29
Sydney Lea
The Flowering of the Farmer's Widow    30-31
Bank Concert, 1976    31-32
Robert Litz
The UUA Minister of Leominster, His Vacation Journal    33
Ronald Wallace
Moving into the Basement    34
Fat    35

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Linda Pastan, On the Way to the Zoo    37
Edward McCrorie, After a Cremation    37
Jean Pedrick, Pride & Splendor    37
Jerald Bullis, Orion    37-38
Seamus Heaney, North    38
Alvin Greenberg, Metaform    38
Denise Levertov, The Freeing of the Dust    38-39
N. Scott Momaday, The Gourd Dancer    39
Joanna Bankier and Carol Cosman and Doris Earnshaw and Joan Keefe and Dierdre Lashgari and Kathleen Weaver, ed., The Other Voice: Twentieth Century Women's Poetry in Translation    39
Karen Snow, Willo    39
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