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Spring 1977 Vol. 27 No. 3
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Leslie Miller
Cinderella    1
Sandra M. Gilbert
Her House    2-5
Philip Dacey
Inspired Iron    6-14
Carol Frost
Fat Children    14
Anthony G. Sobin
Arthur's Last Movie    15-18
Virginia De Araujo
Rim Trail    19-21
Intervene    21-23
Carlos    24-29
Alice Wirth Gray
Sign Language    29
Tom Moore
Three Births    30-32
T. Alan Broughton
Seven Lyrics for Absence    33-36
Floyd C. Stuart
You Are in My Jungle    36-37

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Kenneth Fields, Sunbelly    38
X. J. Kennedy, Emily Dickinson in Southern California    38
Mary Baron, Letters for the New England Dead    38
N. Scott Momaday, Angle of Geese and Other Poems    38
Thom Gunn, To the Air    38
John Hollander, The Head of the Bed    38
Rachel Hadas, Starting from Troy    38
Donald Hall, The Town of Hill    38
Larry Rubin, All My Mirrors Lie    38
Barry Spacks, Teaching the Penguins to Fly    38
Nancy Sullivan, Telling It    38
Geof Hewitt, I Think I'll Lay My Egg Tomorrow    38
Lyle Glazier, Two Continents    38
Peter Heitkamp, Readings    38
Martha Zweig, Powers    38
Carol Henrickson, The Well    38
Dannie Abse, ed., Poetry Dimension Annual: the Best of the Poetry Year, 1975    39
Russell Edson, The Intuitive Journey and Other Works    39
Robert Morgan, Red Owl    39
Richard Hugo, What Thou Lovest Well, Remains American    39
Robert Penn Warren, Or Else: Poem/Poems 1968-71    39-40
Robert Peters, A Gift to Be Simple    40
Millen Brand, Local Lives    40
Robin Becker, Discretions, from Personal Effects    41
Helena Minton, After Curfew, from Personal Effects    41
Marilyn Zuckerman, "Turning Point" (in Personal Effects)    41
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