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Spring 1979 Vol. 29 No. 3
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Elizabeth Crom
Midnight Poem    1
Warren Woessner
Looking at Power    2-3
Buffalo Cliff    3
James M. Rawley
Ryder Runs    4
T. A. Denning
A Football Injury, A Mourning Haze    5-7
Thomas Carper
The First-Born    7
Edward Hirsch
A True Account of the Fabulous Ascent of a Unicorn with a Retarded Girl in New York City Last Night    8-9
Margaret Savides Benbow
The Tumble    10
Deadlines    11-12
Dolores Stewart
'Whales Are Out, Cats Are In...'    12-13
Lois Carrier
Mesquite    14-15
Joan Joffe Hall
The Stories    15-16
M. Ekola Gerberick
The Swamp Doll    16-17
Timothy Cohrs
Election Day    18-19
The Escalator / Birth Poem    20-21
Susan Weston
Falling in the Dark    22-23
Wendy Anderson
Holiday    23
Leslie Schenk
Set Off by Two Words in a Novel    24-25
Virginia De Araujo
Last Child    26
John Berry
The Pied Hunter    27-28
Dori Appel
Bread Line    28-29
Alter Ego    29
Jim Hall
My Acceptance Speech    30-31
Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem Too    31-32
Betsy Sholl
Spring Fragments    33-34
Bettie M. Sellers
The Morning of the Red-Tailed Hawk    35
Keith Taylor
The Holy Dance    36

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Maxine W. Kumin, The Retrieval System    37
Linda Pastan, Five Stages of Grief    37
Felix Pollak, Subject to Change    37
Rolf Jacobsen, Twenty Poems, Robert Bly, translator    37
Norman Dubie, The City of the Olesha Fruit    37-38
John Haines, In a Dusty Light    38
Carol Frost, The Salt Lesson    38
David Wagoner, Travelling Light    38
Allen Mandelbaum, Chelmaxions: The Maxims/Axioms/Maxioms of Chelm    39
Robert Peters, Hawthorne    39
Ruth Whitman, Tamsen Donner: A Woman's Journey    39
Ted Hughes, Cave Birds: an Alchemical Cave Drama    39-40
Martin Booth, The Knotting Sequence    40
Arlene Higar, reviewer
Peter Porter, The Cost of Seriousness    40
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