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Winter 1979-1980 Vol. 30 No. 2
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Chapbook 16: American Indian Chapbook

Gogisgi, Editor
Introduction: Always the People    1
Joy Harjo
Cuchillo    2
Joseph Bruchac
Walking Bear    3
Norman H. Russell
By the Fire    4
Lucy Tennyson
Winter Food    4
Geary Hobson
Meeting Andrew Jackson in an Albuquerque Bar    5-6
Barbara's Land Revisited--August 1978    6-7
Lance Henson
for white antelope    8
impressions of the cheyenne way    8-9
Maurice Kenny
Yaikni    9-10
Peter Blue Cloud
Sixteen Postholes    11-13
Duane Niatum
Sky of Departing    13
Jo Cochran
Mask of the Woman    14
Mask of the Man    15
Martha Conallis
Friends    16
Highway I-40 East    17
Etheleen Poolaw
Stories My Grandmother Told    18
Deep River Wide with Hands    19
Robyn Renea Perry
texas night snake    20
to my grandfather    20
Jon W. West
Last Running Man    21-22
B.S. and Fast Facts    22
from The Poet's Analyst    23
William Oandasan
New Day Chant    24
The Janitor    24
Barney Bush
Notes from British Columbia    25-29
Luci Tapahonso
Rose Ann Tso    30
For my brother, who was shot defending a friend, on a December night in 1966    31
Wendy Rose
illustration    32
Linda Hogan
Daughters Sleeping    33
from The Trees    34
Duane BigEagle
Love Charm    35
William Bradd
Five Riders in Cardinal Red    35
Sandra Nelson
Feast Day    36
Louis Oliver
from The Sleep Maker (Nocichka Haya)    37-38
Robert J. Conley
The Hills of Tsa La Gi    39-40
Sharon Doubiago
1730    40
Jim Barnes
Near Crater Lake    41
Wendy Rose
The Day I was Conceived    42-43
Naming Power    43-44
Indian People: don't get it mixed up--this is all for you.    44
Simon J. Ortiz
The Polka Dot Kid Tells All about Squeeze    45
Carol Lee Sanchez
The Old Ones    46-48
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