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Winter 1980-1981 Vol. 31 No. 2
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Chris Hauck
Relic    1
Malcolm Glass
Acorn    2
Paying Attention    3-4
The Child    4
Stephanie Sugioka
After Reading The Tale of Genji    5-6
Harry Humes
Flocking    6-7
John L. Foster, translator
The Leiden Hymns XX, by Ancient Egyptian    8-10
Jeffrey Skinner
To the Miller's Daughter    10-11
Rory Holscher
Taughannock Falls    12
Fever Meditation    13
Ernie Benck
Blown Away    14-15
Jane Birdsall
How to Make Baba Ghanoush    16
Edison Dupree
The Sunbather    17
Hypothesis    17-18
Suzanne Gross
The Woman and the Waterhorse    18-19
Philip Dacey
For One who Received a Chainsaw as a Wedding Gift    20-21
The Condom Salesman Tries Them on Like Shoes    21
Thomas Frosch
Flounder    22-24
Barbara Hauk
Taxidermy    25
Boyer Rickel
For My Motherhood    26-27
Kathleen Lignell
Acadia    28-29
The Woman Adrift Over San Francisco    29-31
Peter Makuck
Back Roads by Night    31-32
Meat    32-33
Bob Snyder
Satori on Summers Street    34-35
Gary Thompson
The Book    35
Lola Haskins
Employment    36

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Robert Bly, ed., News of the Universe    36-37
George Murphy, ed., The Poet's Choice: 100 American Poets' Favorite Poems    37
Albert Goldbarth, Different Fleshes    38
Donald H. Reiman, English Romantic Poetry    38-39
Donald J. Greiner, ed., American Poets Since World War II    39
Herbert C. Jaffa, ed., Modern Australian Poetry    39
W. S. Merwin, The Compass Flower    40
Galway Kinnell, Mortal Acts, Mortal Words    40
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