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Winter 1983-1984 Vol. 34 No. 2
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Herbert Woodward Martin
A Dreamless Winter    1
Burton Hatlen
Crossing Altamont    2-10
Dori Appel
A Dream Making Many Things Better    11
Lola Haskins
The Man Who Saw the Elephant    12-20
Paul Friedrich
Spinoza, I Love You    21
Almitra David
Bag Lady: A Part of her Poem    22-32
Douglas Blazek
Tu Fu: Master Traveler    33
Andrew Oerke
Champaigne    33
Roger Finch
A Publicity Photograph    34
Keith Moe
Visiting with Pete    35-36

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
J. Moussaieff Masson and W. S. Merwin, The Peacock's Egg    37
W. S. Merwin, Finding the Islands    37-38
W. S. Merwin, Unframed Originals    38
W. S. Merwin, Opening the Hand    38-39
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