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Spring 1985 Vol. 35 No. 3
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Charles Hanson
Solemn Creatures    1
Alan Brooks
Winter Rain    2
Indra's Net    3-4
Theodore Deppe
The Gatekeeper    4-5
Jan Heller Levi
Baltimore    6-14
Stuart Kestenbaum
Angels on the Interstate    15
Saint Francis    16-17
David Citino
Believing There's No Cleveland    18
Sister Mary Appassionata Addresses the Psychic Research Guild of Marion, Ohio    19
Simon Perchik
Again the sun leading the world by the neck...    20-21
Dorianne Laux
Two Pictures of My Sister    22-23
Albert Goldbarth
The Gulf    24-31
Sheila Hellman
Ballet Positions    32-33
Toe Shoes    34
David Denny
Holden Caulfield at the Car Wash    34-36

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Leo Connellan, The Clear Blue Lobster-Water Country    37-38
Karen Snow, Outsiders    39-40
Bink Noll, The House    39
Felix Pollak, Tunnel Visions: Poems, Short Prose, Translations    39
Ted Hughes, River: New Poems    40-41
Richard Jones, ed., Poetry and Politics    41-42
Helena Minton, The Canal Bed    42
Joan Joffe Hall, Romance and Capitalism at the Movies    42-43
Nancy Nielsen, Blackberries and Dust    43
Nancy Nielsen, East of the Light    43
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