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Fall 1986 Vol. 37 No. 1
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Kim Addonizio
Getting Back    1
Lora K. Reiter
In a Hotel the Night before Visiting Palenque (A Gringa's Version of Borges' 'Streetcorner Man'    2-3
Water in the Basement    4
Bruce Cutler
Captain Diver's Dinner    5-9
Ray Clark Dickson
Juan Pico and the Acequia Madre    10
Poem for Doc Ernst's Abalone Recipe    11
A Night with Borstal Boy    12
Burton Hatlen
Eight San Joaquin Valley Variations on a Midwestern Photograph by Art Sensabaugh    13-20
Betsy Sholl
Catechism    21
Albert Goldbarth
What Doesn't Happen    22-25
Atavism/Bowl    26-30
Susan Rea
Playing Candleland    31
Janice M. Lynch
Sixty-Four Caprices for a Long-Distance Swimmer: Notes on Swimming 100 Miles    32-37
Nan Hunt
Old Taos Pueblo; Christmas Eve    37-38
The Wrong Bride    38-40
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