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Winter 1986-1987 Vol. 37 No. 2
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Gary Hulbert
Appreciation for City Music    1
Theodora Todd
Topographia    2-3
Eric Horsting
Mud Hole Trail on Great Wass Island    3
Helena Minton
The People Who Come to Save Me    4-5
The Wall    5
Heather Tosteson
Myths    6-7
Susan Tichy
At a Place of Ambush    8-9
Letter from Palestine    10-11
Sylvester Pollet
When    12
Thaw    12-13
Mike Carson
Double    14-15
Match-Up    15-16
Gary Lundy
Insurance    17
Karen Snow
The Cat Cemetery    18-19
Michael Hettich
Mother    20-21
Peter E. Murphy
Shaping Up    22-28
Eugene Dubnov and Chris Newman, translator
Outside Yet Another New Window..., by Eugene Dubnov    29
Paul Rice
On the Pine Mountain Trail    30
My Soul, Escaping    31
Michael Stanford
From the Ends of the Earth    32-33
James Sullivan
Israhel Van Meckenem's Engraving of The Presentation at the Temple (c. 1495), after Holbein, Ripped to Shreds in the Twentieth Century    34-35

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Albert Goldbarth, Arts & Sciences    35-36
Brooks Haxton, Dominion    36-37
Mary Oliver, Dream Work    37-39
Kenneth Patchen, What Shall We Do Without Us? The Voice and Vision of Kenneth Patchen    39-40
Brian Dibble, reviewer
John Hulme, Guillaume Chèquespierre and the Oise Salon    40
Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
David Kresh, Sketches After Pete's Beer    40
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