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Spring 1987 Vol. 37 No. 3
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Lola Haskins
Myself as Nude    1
Alan Brooks
Poets in Spring    2
Fleda Brown Jackson
Arch    3
Sara Olason
Death by Disorder    4-5
Paul Lindholdt
Brood Slave    5-6
Stephen Murabito
The Lost Digits of My Ancestors    7-13
Frank Johnson
Sweetheart I want You to Know    14
Jeff Worley
For Gregory Moore    15-16
Spoons    16-19
Michael Cadnum
Exile    20-21
Rennie McQuilkin
Balancing    22-23
Don T. Williamson
Backing up to Check the Gate    24
Lola Haskins
Rebecca's Life    25-29
Frederick Lowe
The Grand Hotel 'Magie de la Lune'    30

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Richard Ellmann and Robert O'Clair, ed., The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry    32-37
Daniel Halpern, ed., The American Poetry Anthology    32
Donald Allen and George F. Butterick, ed., The Postmoderns: The New American Poetry Revised    32-37
Stuart Friebert and David Young, ed., The Longman Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry: 1950-1980    33-37
Jack Myers and Roger Weingarten, ed., New American Poets of the 80's    34-37
Dave Smith and David Bottoms, ed., The Morrow Anthology of Younger American Poets    34-37
Sydney Lea and Robert Pack and Jay Parini, ed., The Breadloaf Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry    35-37
Helen Vendler, ed., The Harvard Book of Contenporary American Poetry    35-36
Philip Dacey and David Jauss, ed., Strong Measures: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry in Traditional Forms    38-39
Douglas Messerli, ed., 'Language' Poetries: An Anthology    39-40
Russell Baker, ed., The Norton Book of Light Verse    39
Kate Farrell and Kenneth Koch, ed., Talking to the Sun: An Illustrated Anthology of Poems for Young People    39
Joseph Bruchac, ed., Songs From This Earth On Turtle's Back: Contemporary American Indian Poetry    39
Douglas Messerli, ed., "Language" Poetries: An Anthology    39
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