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Summer 1987 Vol. 37 No. 4
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Ray Clark Dickson
The Political Sawyers    1
Susan Roney-O'Brien
The Light Pilgrim    2-4
Hillel Schwartz
Dressage    5
John Burghardt
Learning to See    6
Dr. Ruth Reingold Descends the Stairs    6-8
Lynne Butler
Hearts and Flowers    8
Leonard M. Trawick
At the Flying School    9
Earth    10
A Cold Day    11
William Doreski
Allegro    12-13
Harlow Farm    13-15
E. G. Burrows
First Mate    15
Ray Clark Dickson
It Takes An Old Woman Screaming Vietato Fumare!    16
The Decoys    17
Harry's Somewhere in the Lost Coast Mizzle    18-19
Jack Israel
Stoning of a Ton-Ton Macoute    20
The Whore's Dream    20-21
California by Edward Hopper    21
The Flower    21
Karen Snow
My Gracious Silence    22-23
Catherine Kaikowska
The Metamorphosis    24-25
Alice Friman
The Flail    26
Subject Matter    26-27
In A Minor Key    27
Prophecy    28
Ray Clark Dickson
A Taste of Cider    29
The Great Blue Heron of the Salt Pond    29
Polly Brown
The Old Poet Walks Home With A New Goat    30-31
Fjaere C. Nilssen
Cotton Poison    32-33
Michael Lee Phillips
The Women on Rhodes    34-35

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Philip Levine, ed., The Essential Keats    36
Galway Kinnell, ed., The Essential Whitman    36
Robert Penn Warren, ed., The Essential Melville    36
Stanley Kunitz, ed., The Essential Blake    36
Rita Dove, Thomas and Beulah    36
Richard Jackson, Acts of Mind: Conversations with Contemporary Poets    37
David Lehman, ed., Ecstatic Occasions, Expedient Forms    37
Gary Snyder, Left Out in the Rain: New Poems 1947-1985    38
Nancy Willard, Household Tales of Moon and Water    38
Amy Clampitt, Archaic Figure    38
Christopher Barker, Portraits of Poets, Sebastian Barker, ed.    39
Larry Evers and Felipe Molina, Yaqui Deer Songs/Maso Bwikam: A Native American Poetry    39
Ai, Sin    39
David Bottoms, Under the Vulture Tree    39
Philip Booth, Relations; Selected Poems 1950-1985    40
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