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Fall 1987 Vol. 38 No. 1
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Candice Cook-Darby
Late Mourning    1
T. Alan Broughton
Writer at Work    2-3
Martha Christina
Supporting Evidence    3
Carl Conover
Paradise    4
Thomas Whitehead
Sing, Columnar Muse, of Me the Last in This Bin    5-7
Eric Horsting
Swim    7
David Dooley
Flowers, from O'Keefe and Stieglitz    8-9
Stieglitz: A Conversation, from O'Keefe and Stieglitz    10
Judith, from O'Keefe and Stieglitz    11
Patrick Worth Gray
Gunsmoke at Old Tay Ninh    12
Once There Was a Man    12-13
Four Photographs    13-14
Philip Dacey
The Confession    15
Shacking Up    16
Lee Sharkey
all my pretty ones    17
Dolores Stewart
Feoh, the letter F..., from Runes    18
Hagall, the letter H..., from Runes    19
Isa, the letter I..., from Runes    20
Nied, the letter N..., from Runes    21
Othel, the letter O..., from Runes    22
Wyrd, blank rune of the unknowable..., from Runes    23
John Drury
How It Matters    24-25
Sandra Blystone
Poet Class    26-29
Allen Hoey
A Painter Speaks to Possibilities    30-32
Dimies    33-34
Jack Anderson
Poem for a Birthday    35-36
The Caves    36
Rita Gabis
Missouri    37
Philip Fried
Old Man among Old Men, from Heretical Testaments    38
Fragment of a Heretical Testament, from Heretical Testaments    39
Nathan's Quarrel with the Angels, from The Messiah Cycle    40
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