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Spring 1989 Vol. 39 No. 3
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James Sullivan
The Dissolution of Memory    1
Margaret Hanzimanolis
To an American Abroad in America    2
Glyn Maxwell
True That I Lie    3
Prospectors on Cherry Mountain    4-5
Allan Peterson
Decoys    5
Theodora Todd
The Elgin Marbles    6-8
Robert Lord Keyes
Old German Wives' Tales    9
Albert Goldbarth
The Nile    10-15
The Dazzle    16-18
Sensitivity    19-22
Lola Haskins
Scaling Bacalao    23
Spelunking    23
Michael Cadnum
Pigeons    24
Edward Locke
From Michael Straight's Autobiography    25
Mediterranean Tour    25
Paul N. Silas
Pieces of Night: from Poems from Prison 123    26-27
Kitsey Ellman
Hazy    27-28
Dorothy Nimmo
For Annekate Friedlander    29
Daniel Bourne, translator
Guardian Angel, by Tomasz Jastrun    30
The Last Days of My Guardian Angel, by Tomasz Jastrun    31

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
W. S. Merwin, The Rain in the Trees    32-34
W. S. Merwin, Regions of Memory: Uncollected Prose 1949-1982, Ed Folsom and Cary Nelson, ed.    32-34
Sharon Olds, The Gold Cell    34-35
Pablo Neruda, Late and Posthumous Poems: 1968-1974    35-36
Pablo Neruda, Stones of the Sky    35-36
Brad Leithauser, Cats of the Temple    36-37
Ben Belitt and James Nolan, translator, Quarry West 25    37
Mekeel McBride, Red Letter Days    37
Alfred Corn, The West Door    37
Garrett Hongo, The River of Heaven    38
Olav H. Hauge, Trusting Your Life to Water and Eternity, Robert Bly, translator    38
Daniel Halpern, Tango    39
Susan Tichy, A Smell of Burning Starts the Day    39
Sandra M. Gilbert, Blood Pressure    39
Denise Levertov, Breathing the Water    40
Willard R. Espy, Words to Rhyme With    40
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