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Summer 1989 Vol. 39 No. 4
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T. Alan Broughton
Musical Girls    1
Paul C. Hunter
Highwire    2-4
Robert M. Chute
Shaker Village: Recent Photographs    5
Helena Minton
What Saltpeter Meant    6-7
The Topaz    8-9
Jane Poston
Bats/Fragments from a Slide Show Script    10-11
Spectrograph    12
Sea Anemone    13
Barkless Dog's Emotional Reaction to Abandonment Measured by Apparatus    14
Mouse Discriminating Between Two Cards    15
The Man Afraid: A Fable    16-17
Manta Rays    18-19
The Hat Your Father Wore    20-22
Simon Perchik
(Bells know this...)    23
Gary Fincke
Opening the Locks    24-25
The Hollow Earth    25-26
Ellen Kaufman
Lethe    27
Audrey Bohanan
Eula and April    28
Draft Animals    29-31
Wolhee Choe and Constantine Contogenis, translator
What Blight, by Mae-wha    32
Iron, We Were Told, by Jin-ock    32
Constantine Contogenis and Choe Wolhee, translator
Three Poems by Kisang, by Jin-ock and Kae-ju and Mae-wha    32-33
Wolhee Choe and Constantine Contogenis, translator
Let My Cassia Boat, by Kae-ju    33
W. Michael Greene
Mother and Son    34-35
Marty Walsh
Crow Shouts at the Game from the Sidelines    35
R. S. Chapman
Summer Jobs    36
Haystacks at Sunset    37
Rynn Williams
What it Means    38
Breasts    39-40
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