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Winter 1989-1990 Vol. 40 No. 2
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Joanna Byrne Cavitch
I Follow an Ambulance This Morning    1
Charles Wyatt
History    2
Gary Fincke
History Bites    3-4
Francine Sterle
In the Pictures    4-5
David Sullivan
Purgatory, from Storyville    6-7
Don't Laugh, from Storyville    7-8
They Are Friends, Not Lovers, from Storyville    9-10
Teri, from Storyville    10-11
Their Letters Were Baked in a Sterilizer, from Storyville    12
Frank Johnson
Maybe Now You Know    13
Gordon Osing and Li Xijian, translator
The Queen of the Farm Courtyard, by Liu Xiaofang    14-15
Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys in My Hometown, by Yang Mu    16-17
Jane Ellen Glasser
With Difficulty the Poet Dissolves His Love Affair with Prosody    18-19
Joseph Chaney
Shaving Again    20
What Is an Editor    21
Leslaw Ludwig, translator
Music As It Is, by Miroslaw Stecewicz    22-31
Karen Kovacik
Wedding Song    32-33
The Spiders Electric    33-34
Dan Stryk
Prayer Rug Fading    34-35
Naomi Clark
Spinning    36
To My Mother    37-38
John R. Reed
Winter Cats    38

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Brooks Haxton, Traveling Company    39-40
Epoch Vol. 32 No. 2    40
Lucinda Roy, Needlework    40
Roger Mitchell, "Loon" in Ohio Review No. 43    40
Northwest Review Vol. 27 No. 2, interview of John Haines    40
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