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Spring 1990 Vol. 40 No. 3
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Lola Haskins
Making the Choice    1
Martha Rhodes
Who Knew    2
Dreaming of Flight    3
Inside Father's Pockets    3
Henry J. Hughes
The Fox    4-5
Alvin Greenberg
midsummer day    5
Susan Tichy
Copulation    6-7
After a Conversation on Rilke, Darwin, and Rembrandt's Self-Portraint as an Old Man    8-9
Night Travel    10
Charles W. Pratt
The Verandah    11-13
Mally Graham
What She Could Do    14
Debbie Louise in Odessa TX    14-15
Farm Cornerstone    15
Miss America    15
Margaret Holley
The Blinds    16-17
J. B. Satterthwaite
Tugging    17
Jacob Rusel
Purim Spiel    18-19
Jacqueline Moore
Picasso's Snake Lady Sings the Blues    20-21
Carlos Garcia-Aranda and Margaret Hanzimanolis, translator
You Want Me White, by Alfonsina Storni    22-23
Departing, by Alfonsina Storni    23-25
Tropical, by Alfonsina Storni    25-26
Marion Arenas
Crossing the River    27
Douglas Woodsum
Three Answers in Spring    28-29
Chitra Divakaruni
The Gift    30-31
Alice Friman
Northwest Flight #1173    32
The Blue Oranda    33
Archery Lesson    34

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Hayden Carruth, Tell Me Again How the White Heron Rises and Flies Across the Nacreous River at Twilight Toward the Distant Islands    35
David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry: 1988, 1989, etc.    35-36
John Ashbery, ed., The Best American Poetry; 1988    35-36
Donald Hall, ed., The Best American Poetry: 1989    35-36
Terrence Des Pres, Praises and Dispraises: Poetry and Politics: The 20th Century    36
Constance Hunting, Between the Worlds: Poems 1983-1988    37
Rita Dove, Grace Notes: Poems    37
May Swenson, In Other Words    37-38
Ronald Wallace, ed., Vital Signs: Contemporary American Poetry from the University Presses    38
Derek Walcott, The Arkansas Testament    39
Daryl Ngee Chinn, Soft Parts of the Back    39
Toi Derricotte, Captivity    39
Wesley McNair, The Town of No    40
Jimmy Santiago Baca, Black Mesa Poems    40
Roger Mitchell, AdiRonDak    40
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