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Winter 1992-1993 Vol. 43 No. 2
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A. E. Stallings
Apollo Takes Charge of His Muses    5
Dannye Romne Powell
Mary Lamb: The Murder    6-7
Tina Kelley
Looking Only for 'Yes'    8-9
From the New York Times, A 19-Year-Old Photographer Doused and Burned Under Pinochet    9
The Pornography of Recent Times    10
Roger Finch
Bird Market    11
Sharon Cumberland
Madame Tussaud Remembers: Marie Gersholtz Forgets    13-15
Martin Steingesser
Testimony, April 14, 1986    16-17
Neil Fischer
To the Man    18-19
Terri Brown-Davidson
The Bright Clay Forest    20-21
Lewis Horne
Rain in Mallorca    22-23
Robin Shectman
Mattie Translates the Seaside Flowers of Chile    24
Mattie at the Opera    25
Barbara Moore
I Would Like To    26-27
What We Want    28-30
Charles Fishman
A Shade from 'Glory'    31
Susan Johnson
Of Mist-Nets and Mis-Identities    32-33
Judy F. Ham
Exposure    34-35
David Marsall Smith
Biographed    36-37
Doyle Wesley Walls
Settling In    38

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Kate Farrell, ed., Art & Nature: an Illustrated Anthology of Nature Poetry    39
Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems    39-41
Denise Levertov, Evening Train    41-43
Jorie Graham, Region of Unlikeness    43-44
John Haines, New Poems: 1980-88    44-46
Vantage Press    46-48
Cherry Cheadle, On May Morning and Other Poems    47-48
L. W. Mueller, How to Publish Your Own Book    48
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