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Summer 1994 Vol. 44 No. 4
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Linda Allardt
Wood    5
Janice Whittington
Bloodlines    6-7
Rodney Gove Dennis
Carolyn    8-14
Alvah K. Howe
Three Metamorphoses    15-17
Philip Booth
First Song    18
First Night    18
Seventy    19
Margaret Ryan
Against Romance    20
Fuchsia    20
Prometheus at Rockefeller Center    22-23
Lola Haskins
The Making of T. Clarkson Preaches at the Antislavery Convention: Sundry Discourses by the Painter, B. Haydon    24-29
Kurt Leland
At the Home for Retired Piano Teachers    30-31
Glenn Ingersoll
The Crane in Flight    32
King of the Mountain    33
John E. Smelcer
Weir Fisher    34
Ritual    35
Peter Munro
Exodus    36-38
Gary Hotham
Three Poems    39

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Michael S. Harper and Anthony Walton, ed., Every Shut Eye Ain't Asleep: An Anthology of Poetry by African Americans Since 1945    40
J. Edward Chamberlin, Come Back to Me My Language    41
Kamau Braithwaite, Middle Passages    41
Lacey Kellett, Dream Fishing    43
Constance Hunting, At Rochebonne    43-44
Margaret Kaufman, Aunt Sallie's Lament    44
Alex Preminger and T. V. F. Brogan and others, ed., The New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics    44-46
Jody Gladding, Stone Crop    46-47
Larry Rottman, Voices from the Ho Chi Minh Trail: Poetry of America and Vietnam    47-48
Lawson Fusao Inada, Legends from Camp    48
Luci Tapahonso, Sáanii Dahatall: The Women Are Singing    48
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