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Fall 1994 Vol. 45 No. 1
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Brooks Haxton
One Drop Spilled from Psyche's Lamp    5
Brian Hubbell
Mail Order Stomp    6-9
Measuring E. B. White's Boathouse    10-11
Jennifer Craig Pixley
A Tendency Toward Order    12-23
Site Specific    14
Love Song    15
Frank Conaway
The Water Bearer    16
Alice B. Fogel
Grassfire    17
Theodore Deppe
Set Design for the City    18-19
Tenaya Darlington
Sea Braids    20-21
Hillel Schwartz
Mount St. Peter, Maastricht    22-23
Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop Sutra    24-25
Kenneth Rosen
Equinox    26-27
Alice Friman
A Walk at the End of the Century    28
S. Banks-Richardson
Before I Became Like Everyone Else....    29
E. M. Schorb
Sharp: Poet of Parris Island    30-33
J. Cordary
I Want    34
Judith Cordary
The Catfish Song    34
Daffodil    35
Janice Soderling
Another White Cloud of Moths    36
Ryland Bruhwiler
Today I Wasted My Life    37
James Mersmann
Lighting the Lamp    38-39
Watching My Mother's Breath    40-41
Ann Keniston
Immunity    42
Carrie Etter
After the Attack    43

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Heather McHugh, Broken English: Petry and Partiality    44-45
Heather McHugh, Hinge & Sign    44-48
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