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Winter 1994-1995 Vol. 45 No. 2
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John Davis
Reference Desk Woman    5
Rex Wilder
On the Eve of the Millenium    6-8
Charles Muñoz
Lockerbie    9-11
Osiris in Arizona    12-13
Sherman Alexie
Things (for an Indian) To Do in New York (City)    14-19
Taylor Mali
I Could Be a Poet    20-21
Molly Tenenbaum
The Aptitude Test    22-23
As I Set Out    24-25
Spring Vase    26-27
Roger Williams
Delirium    28
Buffalo Creek    28
John Millstone
Harley    29-31
David Starkey
Pottawotomie Creek    32-33
Charles W. Pratt
Wolsey's Hole    34
Susan Wicks
Wake    35
Caves    36

Yanbing Chen and John Rosenwald, reviewer
Edward Morin, ed., The Red Azalea: Poetry Since the Cultural Revolution, Fang Dai and Dennis Ding and Edward Morin, translator    37-38
Donald Finkel, translator, A Splintered Mirror: Chinese Poetry from the Democracy Movement    38-39
Julia C. Lin, translator, Women of the Red Plain: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Women's Poetry    39
Michelle Yeh, ed., Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry, Michelle Yeh, translator    39-40
Tony Barnstone, ed., Out of the Howling Storm    40-41
John Cayley and Henry Y. H. Zhao, ed., Under Sky Under Ground    41-42
Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
A. R. Ammons and David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry of 1994    42-48
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