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Winter 1995-1996 Vol. 46 No. 2
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Philip Booth
Three Poets Near the 92nd Street Y    5
Kevin Coyne
At the Nursing Home for Nuns    6
Patricia D'Angelo
In the Compost    8
Kate Barnes
A Silver Watch    9
Rodney Gove Dennis
Her Last Weeks: Going to Market    10
Boston Rehab: She Takes a Nap    11
Catherine Webster
To the Fifty-Winged Egret Tree along Moscher Slough    12
Anne-Marie Ljung
Harvest    13
Albert Goldbarth
The Girl Who Married a Wooden Pounder    14-15
The Other Way    16-17
K. J. MacLeod
Liberty's Token    18-19
My Family, Dying    20
Red Bartlett's Mid-Life    21
John Vincent
Abandoned Warehouse in the Afternoon    22
Never Strangers    23-24
Lola Haskins
In the Gulf, with Balaji    25
Lynne Knight
Bedtime Fable    26-27
Marlon Ohnesorge-Fick
Fate    28-31
James Wyshynski
Conceiving the Ukraine    32-34
Leonard S. Edgerly
The Secret History of Rock 'n' Roll    35
A. E. Stallings
Arachne Gives Thanks to Athena    36
Bei Dao
The Role of the Poet in Today's China    37
As I Know It    38-39
Untitled    40

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Louise Gluck, ed., Proofs and Theories: Essays on Poetry    41
Brooks Haxton, The Sun at Night    41-42
Edward Hirsch, Earthly Measures    42
Allen Grossman, The Philosopher's Window and Other Poems    42
Eleanor Wilner, Otherwise    43
Carolyn Forché, The Angel of History    44
Susan Stewart, The Forest    44-46
John Haines, The Owl in the Mask of the Dreamer    46-48

Publication Noted:
Lee Sharkey, To a Vanished World    48
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