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Summer 1996 Vol. 46 No. 4
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Octavia McBride-Ahébée
Against Myself    5
Lola Haskins
Of    6
Against    7
Nicole Stellon
The Seven Sisters    8-9
Pamela Harrison
At Home in Our Ignorance as in a Canopy of Trees    10-11
Sherman Alexie
Inside Dachau    12-16
William Aiken
The Great Project    17-19
Jazmin Aminian de Ferreccio
You Reach Our Peruvian Home    20
Albert Goldbarth
Natural History    21-33
A. E. Stallings
How the Demons Were Assimilated & Became Productive Citizens    34
The Man Who Wouldn't Plant Willow Trees    35
Martin Steingesser
Painting One    36
Michael Hoberman
Here's a Story    37
Gerry Gomez Pearberg
Quietus    38

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Philip Booth, Trying to Say It: Outlooks and Insights on How Poems Happen    39-48
Marianne Boruch, Poetry's Old Air    39-45
John Haines, Fables and Distances: New and Selected Essays    39-46
Donald Hall, Principal Products of Portugal    39-44
Seamus Heaney, The Redress of Poetry    39-45
David Lehman, ed., The Line Forms Here    39-44
David Lehman, ed., The Big Question    39-44
Robert Frost, Collected Poems, Prose, & Plays    39-40
Marjorie Perloff, Radical Artifice: Writing Poetry in the Age of Media    48
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